Favourites of 2015

Time to look back on another year, once again I spent most of this year exploring my backyard and still finding new places and experiences. This past year was odd weather wise with hardly any winter conditions and a dry hot summer. Looking forward to a new year worth of adventures in 2016!


The setting sun illuminates grass and flowers at Neck Point in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.


A black tailed deer fawn no more than a day or 2 old “hides”.


Looking out the entrance of Dreamtime cave on northern Vancouver Island.


A blanket of fog shrouds the slopes of Mt Becher on Vancouver Island.


The setting sun illuminates mist from upper Englishmen River falls.


Water flows between 2 trees in the Lantzville foothills.


A fallen logs points up through a misty forest towards the top of Mt. Benson in Nanaimo.


The sun sets through some summer clouds as seen from Neck Point in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.


A pacific chorus frog (also commonly known as the Pacific tree frog).

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