Favourites of 2020

2020 was a year to move on from in many ways but there was a few high spots in it. I was able to get out for a hike or 2, a multi day canoe portage and got to witness a spectacular lighting storm. While I am looking forward to a new year and hopefully more opportunities than 2020 had to offer here are a few of my favourite photos from last year.

Looking out over the Salish sea from Lantzville BC.
Enjoying some perfect paddling conditions on an early morning on Powell Lake on the Sunshine coast of BC.
A rushing creek in Lantzville BC
Looking down onto a smoke obscured Buttle Lake in Strathcona Provincial park during wildfire season.
A winding path through a beautiful on the Powell Forest canoe route.
Flowers growing out of a submerged log on Powell Lake on the Sunshine coats of BC.
Lighting strikes the Salish sea as viewed from Lantzville BC.
Camp on an alpine ridge in Strahtcona Provincial park.
The foggy shores of Wye lake on Vancouver Island.
A stunning section of old growth forest on a remote ridge on Vancouver Island.

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