Photoshop, printers and you

Last night I got back from Victoria and wanted to start editing my pictures I had taken over the past few days, I do all of my RAW conversions and save all of my images as JPG. Now the fun starts, I want to resize some of the images to paste up on Flickr and when I try to open my images all I get is an error message telling me I do not have enough RAM (I have plenty). I do a quick Google search and see it is a semi common problem. It may be a common problem but there is no common fix. I tried deleting my preference and settings files to no luck. After this I try to reinstall this does not work. After a little more searching I see it may be printer related (how I don’t know) and at this point I will try anything. I had recently moved my local USB printer to a networked printer but the default printer was still the local one. Photoshop does not seem to like this. After removing all of my printers it works! So if you get a message saying “Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)” or something similar try removing or ensuring your printers are working! Oh and I am using Vista Business and Photoshop CS3.

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