Staples Print & Copy centre and you

Generally every year (or the past year or so) I have been making calendars as gifts for people of my photos. Lat year I used the Staples Print & Copy centre, I had a few issues with uploading and ended up with more than what I ordered, not really a problem I was able to sell them. So last night I start to do the same thing I did last year, upload each of the photos individually which took about 40 minutes with the terrible interface they make you use, fill in all my info select the store to pick it up at and I am greeted by a nice descriptive error page.

Well I did try again, a few times but the same thing. I sent an email to Staples with the “feedback” link but I doubt I will hear anything back. Today I phoned the my local store that I was to pick it up at and they said they had to phone the store they print it off at and give me a call back, fair enough. Well I waited 4 hours and nothing so I phoned again and I would get a call in 10-20 minutes. I did not, in this time I decide I am going to try the Future Shop print service, and it seems much better. A good interface, ships to your house, more options, cheaper, quicker to print and cheaper. I hope the quality is good I will wait and see. By the time I was paying for my calendar ordered at Future Shop Staples calls and says they won’t know if my order has gone though and said I should wait the 3 days until they find out if it did for me to find out. I told them that I will not be using them again and I would suggest that you do not ether. That is my rant, have a great day :).

Update: I later found out every time I “tried again” it placed another order 🙂 I never paid or did anything with staples and used futureshop, the quality was decent and it was a much more polished package.

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