Came for the snow, stayed for the flood

With our recent heavy snow fall the past few days and then todays very mild temperatures it created a lot of water. On top of this we also had over 100mm of rain in 12 hours, to say the least this created a bit of a problem. Near my house they have been installing sewers and although almost done they neglected to dig the ditches out they filled in. After getting back from Victoria for the weekend I spent the day shovelling dirt and filling sandbags in the pouring rain. I really hope it gets fixed soon as does not rain a lot soon (it is supposed to). The following few pictures are from after most of the flooding was contained, the water came within 1/4 inch of coming in the house which would have made a real mess.

Not long after city crews arrived to help, also they used an excavator to dig up part of the road and ditch, which was a real life saver.

Various pictures of the aftermath after most of the water had been diverted.

Sandbags that are waiting for action.

The sun came out for a brief moment, eye of the storm?

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