East Sooke park: Pike Road

Wow what a busy few weeks. I have been sick, then moving and now I finally have some time to do an update. This update is from East Sooke park again. This time I went to another location of the park out past Anderson Cove called Pikes Road. The drive is very scenic once you get to the park as it cuts through the towering trees with openings that allow you to glimpse the ocean that is always just beyond the trees. On the way out to the trail head I stopped at Anderson Cove and was in for quite a surprise. It was a cold morning but I did not think it was cold enough for it to freeze the ocean which I have never seen before.

Once I got to the trail head and had done some walking I did not manage to make the pictures I was hoping to but it was a beautiful day spent in a beautiful area. I didn’t find this area of the park quite as spectacular as the Ayland Farm entrance but their was a lot less people which is a bonus for photography and escaping.

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