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Sooke Potholes

Over the week I went out to the Sooke Potholes. The weather was cold but it did not really rain so it was acceptable. I didnt find any natural scenes to make the picture I would have liked but I was able to explore the abandoned resort. The resort began as a luxury getaway for the rich and film studio that provided a stunning location and view. Perched on the side of the cliff over looking the Sooke Potholes I can see why this would have been an amazing location. Due to financial difficulties the developer halted construction. Today all that is left is the elaborate stone work that leaves what the resort would have looked like. Last I time I was there for a family camping trip the post and beam construction was still in place. In 2005 the land was donated to become a park and the resort was stripped of all the rotting lumber and sits in the state it is today. A truly remarkable place and I would have loved to see what it would have been like if it was completed.


Look out over the resort.


The resort as seen from below and how it was built onto the cliff.


Typical graffiti for a place like this, surprisingly there was not much.


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Adobe Photoshop Express

Today Adobe Photoshop Express was released today. If you have not heard of it , it is a FREE online photo editing tool which has all the basic editing you would expect from Photoshop. You can sign up for the beta for free and you get 2GB of room to store your photos. I can see this being a great tool to quickly crop edit photos for blogs and such or when you are away from your main computer.




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Talking to the Taliban


The Globe and Mail has published another amazing multimedia presentation. This time it is about the Taliban and trying to better understand who they are and who we are fighting in Afghanistan.

A portrait of average Taliban fighters in Kandahar has emerged from a research project by The Globe and Mail. An interviewer gained unprecedented access to insurgent groups in five districts of the province, and emerged from the dangerous assignment with 42 video recordings of fighters answering a standardized list of questions. It’s a unique look at Canada’s front-line opponents in the war.

Each day they are publishing the next part with the final instalment being published on March 28t. Make sure you check out this great presentation over at the Globe and Mail.

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Well my last time I made a post I was sure spring was here, on my to visit my parents today I managed to see every weather condition from sun to snow, yes snow. I still am thinking spring is here but winter does not want to leave without a fight.




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Well it looks like spring is here to stay! The sun has been out much more than it has in months and the flowers are coming out in full force. The Daffodils are all looking very nice right now, and with the sun setting much later I have been able to get out after work to make some pictures.






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