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Winter Camping

When you tell someone you are going to go winter camping you tend to get a bit of a strange look in return. Winter camping while sounding daunting can make for a some stunning scenes if you are prepared for the conditions. A few weeks ago I headed up Mt. Becher in Strathcona Provincial park by first hiking past the old Wood Mountain Ski resort which is always a bit of a strange experience. This is a trip I have done before but this year mother nature really wanted to supply the real winter experience. The first 2 days consisted of heavy snow but we did get a very brief break in the weather which teased the views you can get.

_D8C4245_web _D8C4288_web

On the day we left we where rewarded with some better weather that allowed for some spectacular views of the Comox valley and the snow covered trees from the previous few days of snow.


Sleeping accommodations can vary, while the most obvious solution would be a tent with snow you can use it to make a shelter, in this case a snow cave which are surprisingly warm.

_D8C4395_web _D8C4401_web

The view from my tent was hard to complain about…


And the descent back home through a winter wonderland.  _D8C4607_web

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February Snow Storm

With spring nearly here I was very surprised when I woke up lake last week to discovered it had snowed and was still snowing. For the most part this winter had been another mild one which was not predicted, I guess we are just getting a late winter.

Looking out over Victoria from the top of Mt. Tolmie

Storm clouds gather over a snowy scene at UVic

A Rufous-sided towhee at Swan Lake

While it was nice to see a bit of snow I think I am ready for some nice sunny spring weather.  Can’t wait for this snow to melt and move on to some nice spring activities.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 9

After a cold and very windy night it was time to pack up my tent for the last time and make my way to Rossland to spend the night there. The night had dumped patches of fresh powder around but most of it was blowing around and drifting in patches along the way.



After being on the road for 2 out of the 8 hours for the day I decided to stop to get some photos down near a river. Bad idea. As I was walking down the river bank while carrying my camera I managed to fall down the bank first breaking my fall with my camera and then my head. Camera and lens held up very well and seem fine. My head on the other hand did not come out so well. I managed to get a good 3inch gash in my head which seemed to bleed a lot. This is why it is always good to carry a first ad kit! After patching my self up I got the shots I wanted and it was time to get back on the road.



After my incident was not feeling up to taking to many more photos so I drove to Rossland and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the hostel and recuperating. Next is the last leg to Vancouver, which was mostly driving.

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Tips for Winter Photography


Winter can be a challenging time to take photos, the days are short weather is often less than ideal and it can be cold. If you are able to get past these slight challenges then it can be a very rewarding time of year tomake pictures.

1. Dress for the weather

This is the most important thing. Make sure you dress for the weather, and remeber to use layers as the tempature can change a fair bit durring the day. A warm hat and gloves you can use when you are not taking pictures is a must have and a light pair of gloves or fingerless gloves can be great to use while using your camera. A good set of boots is also a good idea even not in the winter. Boots that are lined with gore-tex or something simular is great as your feet will stay nice and dry.


2. Keep your camera cold

This may sound odd but if it warm you will end up fogging up your lens etc. This is more important from when you are coming in from the cold. The best way to avoid condensation is to put your camera in your camera bag and zip it up before you come back inside. Let your camera come up to temperature slowly and you should avoid these problems. The down side to keep your camera cold is that it will drain your batteries faster depending on how cold it is so keep this in mind. Make sure you have a good charge or bring spare batteries for your camera speed lights etc. If you are bring spare batteries you may consider keeping them in your pocket instead of your bag so they will stay warmer.

3. Compensate your exposure

When shooting in bright conditions such as bright white snow or ice your cameras meter will be tricked by the extra light that is being reflected from the snow and ice. A good rule of thumb is to “overexpose” by 1-2 stops or use exposure compensation or your photos will come out underexposed. It is also a good idea to check your exposure on your histogram and your LCD to give you an idea if you are at least close to having the desired exposure.


4. Bad weather

There is a good chance that you will be out in rain,wind, snow or some combination of nasty weather conditions. Although these conditions are not always pleasant to be out in they can often lead to interesting photos and create a unique or dramatic mood. Once again if you are dressed for the conditions it will really minimize your misery in these conditions. Another up side is that these conditions will most likely be few people out to get in your way and you should end up with some pictures not many other people have.


5. Have fun and try something new

Winter is a fantastic season if you ready for it and know what to expect you care really enjoy it. Just like any other situation you may find your self in while taking photos try to make the best of the situation and try to do something creative. Most of all enjoy it and have fun.


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(More) Snow!

We today is the first offical day of winter, you may have noticed mother nature did not follow this date very well. Last night we got over 30CM of new snow and it has been snowing more of the day and still is now. I do enjoy the snow one of the things I enjoy about it is how quite everything is. Less people driving more walking and just an overall calm for the most part.

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