Summer Lightning Storm

Well this weekend has had some interesting weather. On Saturday we had a pretty good lightning storm which is pretty rare here. I happened to be out at Clover point when it started so I was able to get a few photos. Who knew lighting is unpredictable and hard to shoot?


The sun setting shortly before the lighting started.



The following are a few attempts to catch the lighting that I still enjoyed even though the lightning did not cooperate.



It was quite an amazing sight to see, I am really glad I decided to try to get one more shot before I left or I would have missed the display. Just goes to show you that you can never stay too late.

5 thoughts on “Summer Lightning Storm”

  1. Your pictures just keep getting more and more amazing. How did you get those amazing colours? Filters of some kind?

  2. Was going to ask if you used a ND on these shots – noticed you already had that question.
    Great light and nice you were able to get the slow shutter spd without blowing out highlights.

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