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TV photographer and police clash

Not really sure on the full story here but it looked like the police did not like what the photographer was doing, not really sure why he was attacked though. You can view the full raw footage here to see a little more of what happened.

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Vancouver Police Chase

A truck stolen by a man made for an exciting car truck chase that wrecked numerous police cars and ended in an interesting way. The suspect was taken to hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

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Alive (barley) and doing a presentation!

Well sorry for no updates lately, I managed to get SARS/Black lung, food poisoning all at the same time. I also finally getting my place down in Victoria after being here for a month so that will be nice. This coming Tuesday I will be doing a presentation on macro photography for the Nanaimo Photography club at 7PM. Everyone is welcome hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to see some people out on Tuesday.

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Free and Uneasy

A very sad and interesting story of a man who was wrongly convicted of a rape murder and was imprisoned for 16 years. The video is a year after his release. A very sad and empowering story that you should check out over at the New York Times.

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New photo site

Well I finally got it together and up online. My new photo site has a bunch of new features from the old one. You can leave comments ,view the Exif information on each of the photos and read a little blurb on each photo. Hope everyone like it and make sure to check it out over at http://www.bryntassell.ca/photo/. Have a great weekend!

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