How to use Tweak UI to make Internet Explorer better on XP

First off this is only if you are stuck using Internet Explorer, Firefox is a much better choice. This guide is setting something up that comes with Firefox. You can use Tweak UI to add prefixes to a word to search for that word without having to go to the site that the search is located on. This can save you time and make things easier for you. First we need to download Tweak UI from the Microsoft web site.

Once you have downloaded and installed Tweak UI open it up and expand the “Internet Explorer” section. Once it has been expanded go to the “search” field, this is were we will add the prefix and the search URL. For this example we will use Google but it can be done for any search. Start by going to Google and doing a search for anything, I used “test”. Copy the URL of the search results and look for “test”.

Were “test” showed up in the URL we replace that with “%s”, this is were the search term will go. Apply these changes and go to Internet Explorer and type “g bryn tassell” this will give you the search results for “bryntassell”.

This was done in Windows XP SP2, not sure if it would work in Vista or not.

1 thought on “How to use Tweak UI to make Internet Explorer better on XP”

  1. There isn’t a TweakUI like this for vista. I think there’s at least one third-party thing like “Tweak VI” but it doesn’t do the same stuff.

    I’d hate being stuck somewhere without Firefox, yikes!

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