A journey though Wales: Part I

Finally got round to going though my pictures from my trip to Wales. On my trip to the UK I spent a week or so in London and a week in Wales. I was lucky to have relative in Wales who were more than happy to let me stay there (thank you very much). I was first picked up in Liverpool after taking the train from London. When I got off the train in Liverpool I had a few hours to look around, since I had no idea were to go or what to do I spent those hours down at the Albert docks which was fun.

Were I was going in Wales was a small village called Cyffylliog. This village does not have many people in it I would say no more than 200 residence. There was not a whole lot to do and I loved it there. Part of that may have been the amazing weather I had, never colder than 16 and always sunny. The next few pictures are of the “village center”. From right to left: the town phone both, houses at the center of town and the true center of the village, the pub.

Other than going to the pub I was left to explore the village and surrounding countryside. The country side was beautiful. Farmers fields that are rolling grass hills that were covered in bright green grass with the occasional sheep scattered about. There were some very nice walking trails right around the village which had two rivers (streams?) run though it. The rivers were very dry as it had rained little and was very hot. and sunny.

This is the first installment of a multi part series of images more will follow tomorrow to break this up a little.

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