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Island View Beach

Continuing my unemployed lifestyle I am down in Victoria again and it was beautiful and sunny out today so it was a perfect day to go out exploring. I spent a few hours down at Island View Beach which is on the Saanich Peninsula.

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Photography Phriday: Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder is another one of those photographers who has a very unique style due to his style of lighting. Many images stick out because of the unconventional compositions which offer a very nice change from others who have similar lighting styles. Check out his website there are some very inspirational pictures to look through.

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New photo site

Well I finally got it together and up online. My new photo site has a bunch of new features from the old one. You can leave comments ,view the Exif information on each of the photos and read a little blurb on each photo. Hope everyone like it and make sure to check it out over at Have a great weekend!

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How to: Delete confirmation

Here is a really simple way of adding a extra layer of protection to a web interface that allows you to remove or delete files, articles etc. It is very easy to use and can save you from some real headaches. It is a very basic JavaScript function.

<a href=”delete.php?id=fileid” title=”‘filetitle'” onclick=”return confirm(\’Confirm delete of ‘filename’?\’)”>Delete</a>

This will create a prompt that comes up with “OK” or “Cancel”. This can easily be added to your site to give you an extra layer of protection against accidentally deleting your important files.

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Photography Phriday: Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence has some amazing photos, he has a very good feel for light that gives him a very unique still. What makes him more amazing is that he is only 17 hailing from Canada and working around the world. Make sure you check out his website and while on there take a look at his homeless series, it is very moving.

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