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Hornby Island

Hornby island is a fantastic gulf island just off of Vancouver Island. You take a ferry first to Denman island (another gulf island) and then a second ferry to Hornby. Hornby is a fantastic place that is full of things to do such as hiking, mountain biking, diving or just relaxing on one of the sandy beaches.


Ferry on route to Hornby.

Hornby island does not have any provincial campgrounds but does have 2 private ones, these fill up fast and should be booked in advance. I have always stayed at Bradsdadsland which is much quieter than the one near Tribune bay which is much more party oriented. Every time  I have been to Hornby I have always seen an amazing on at least one of the nights.


Helliwell provincial park is a must visit, as it has some stunning scenery that I have never really seen anywhere else. There is a great hike that takes you along some bluffs on the edge of sea cliffs. Some very stunning views.




Enjoying the view on one beaches in Helliwell park.


Helliwell also home to a small old growth forest with some very large and gnarled trees.

Hornby island is a great place to visit with  something for everyone. If you have the chance to go you should, be warned it can get quite busy once schools are out for summer.

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James Nachtey’s TED Prize

Today James Nachtey revealed what he did with his 2007 TED prize. He used his prize to travel the world to document XDR-TB, an extremely drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. You can download the video in HD and find more info on the site that was setup for the project

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Photographer Phriday: Rodolphe Simeon

Rodolphe Simeon

Rodolphe Simeon is an amazing photographer that I found on Flickr. I have always had an interest in photos of homeless people and the street life. His portraits from the street are simply amazing. He also does amazing portrait work but to me his “street” series stands out the most. Take a look at his street series and other work on his website and Flickr.

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Evidence of My Existence

jimloscalzo_book.jpgThe Evidence of My Existence multimedia show has just been awarded an “Award Of Excellence” at POYi 65 for multimedia multimedia feature story. If you have not heard about it, which I kind of doubt, it is multimedia memoir by US News & World Report photojournalist Jim Lo Scalzo. Combining narration from paragraphs in his book and his personal pictures and videos it makes for a very interesting and entertaining 10 minutes. I would highly recommend his book for anyone who enjoys a well written entertaining read. If you are into photography or not you will be able to find laughter and will pick up a lot of interesting things you probably did not know about news and (photo)journalism.

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Photgrapher Phriday: Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson has some amazing pictures that spoof famous people in odd situations. Alison uses look a likes and stages the photos to make like they where captures in a secretive way which makes them come across as genuine. Take a look at Alison’s amazing work over at her website and make sure you check out her confidential display.

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