Gold Rush

Today I spent the day at Goldstream Provincial Park just outside of Victoria. I have often stopped in here while passing though but today I decided to take a better look around this stereotypical west coast rain forest. I decided to hike a trail called “Gold Mine Trail” thinking that it had to do with the name of the park. It started out with the typical rain forest but it soon became apparent for the name of the trail. After a little while I came to this:

Of course I had to go in. This mine was only in operation for approximately one year in 1863 and about 300 miners worked this small gold rush who later moved to the Sooke area the following year where there was a much larger gold rush.

There was also a mine shaft that was closed off and looked quite dangerous and full of water.

After the novelty of the mine wore off I continued on my way with my goal of getting to Niagara Falls, but once again on the way I found something else. I did not know that the E/N Railway ran so close to the park and it has a very high trestle over Niagara Creek which was built moved to its current location in 1901.

Shortly after this I did manage to get to Niagara falls which had a lot more water coming down than I expected and saw in the fall.

This post is a little longer than I thought it was going to be but thats how it goes. I will end it off with two last pictures.

2 thoughts on “Gold Rush”

  1. Your pics are great

    We finally found the goldmine entrance today, last time we could only find the shaft so it behooves me why we did not find the mine that time.

    How far did you go in? I was too chicken to go in there. Fear of earthquakes, ya know 😉

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