Monthly Archives: December 2008

(More) Snow!

We today is the first offical day of winter, you may have noticed mother nature did not follow this date very well. Last night we got over 30CM of new snow and it has been snowing more of the day and still is now. I do enjoy the snow one of the things I enjoy about it is how quite everything is. Less people driving more walking and just an overall calm for the most part.

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Winter Portraits II

The first day of winter arrives tomorrow, I can tell you it has come early. As I write this there is a blizzard outside dumping lots of snow so hoping to get some nice fresh snow pictures tomorrow. Today I braved the cold and got a few more portraits of Ashley before she heads home for the holidays.

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Winter Portraits

Winter has arived with quite a bang. It has been snowing and very cold the past week or so and it does not look like it is going to warm up soon ethier. I luckly love the cold/snow and it lets me make some differnt photos than I usualy would.

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The Photographer

I always find it slightly amusing watching other people using there camera, I am sure I look just as funny but I guess that comes along with it.

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