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Spring Camping

Last weekend I got out for my first camping trip of 2010. I was up visiting in Nanaimo when I decided to go on an spur of the moment camping trip up to Little Qualicum Falls. I was a bit worried about the weather but it all worked out in the end with the rain starting as we drove away from the campground.

A few photos from the some of the falls near the campgrounds and surrounding areas.




Since it does get dark pretty early still I did some playing with long exposures and some alternative light sources. The following photo is looking up towards the skies, while the trees are illuminated by the camp fire.


Once it got darker it was time to play with headlamps and a flash.



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Spring Storm

The beginning of April here on Vancouver Island started of with a bit of a bang. On Good Friday a unseasonably violent wind storm ravaged the east coast of the island causing some severe damage to property and knocking out power to over 100,000 customers. Although there was a wind warning in effect for the area no one was expecting the 144 km/h winds that did come. I was up in Lantzville for the long weekend and braved the storm twice to get some photos. It turns out taking photos in extreme winds with driving rain is pretty difficult!


_DSC4825_webThe usually clear water was churned into a muddy froth.

Although most people where staying at home it seemed that number of adventurous people decided to make the most of the stormy weather.

During a short lull in the winds a number of people did come down to the beach to check things out.
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Back from Rossland

The past week I was up in Rossland relaxing, doing a bit of skiing and enjoying myself. I was hoping to get lots of snow photos but it was very warm the whole time and the lack of snow did not motivate me at all. This is one of the few shots I did get, the view from my friends deck.


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Surfs up!

This weekend we had a short break in the usual west coast winter rain in place for some very welcome sunshine. I decided to make a trip out past Sooke and explore the area around Jordan River. Just outside of Jordan River I decided to go and investigate a nice looking beach and I ran into a small group of surfers enjoying the rare sunny day.





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Lantzville Foothills

I was back in Lantzville vising my parents and I went up to the Lantzville Foothills, I have always enjoyed it there, great scenery, lots of activities (hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing) but since it has been logged to put in a large housing development that claims to be “green”. Although this project is setting aside park lands most a lot of these areas are where they could not fit in a lot and they still logged and ruined many good hiking and bike trails. You can still find some nice trails but it is not the same and the view is not nearly as good as it was.

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