Road Trip Day 2

After packing up at Lac le Juene it was time to move on to the next location, Wells Gray Provincial park about 160km North of Kamloops. I had never been to this park but had heard it was rugged and remote. Driving into the campground which is about 70km from the tiny town of Clearwater you get the feeling that you are really heading into the wilderness. After about 30km the paved road turns into a twisting dirt road that often skirts the edges of steep gullies and canyons you end up at Clearwater lake which has two campgrounds next to each other. The area is littered with streams and rivers which make this one of the best places to see some truly spectacular waterfalls and rivers.

One of the bridges on the way to Clearwater Lake
Sticta Falls above Clearwater Lake
The beginning of the Clearwater river as it drains from Clearwater Lake

I spent three nights at Wells Gray so the next few days will be the further exploration of the park which was simply stunning if you overlook the bugs.

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