Panama: Gamboa Part 1

At the start of June I found my self boarding a plane in Victoria BC with a final destination of Panama city (after a few stop overs). I spent 2 weeks exploring a number of different habitats with two friends and fellow photographers Seth Patterson and Gwyn Carmean.

After a full spent in various airports we finally made it to Panama city, as soon as the doors of the plane opened I knew I was in for a bit of a change from the temperate temperatures I am used to. After picking up our rental car we made our way through the city to the first stop of our journey, Gamboa.

Gamboa is a small town along the banks of the Panama canal and is a popular location for birding. The temperatures here where very warm and humid (mid to upper 30’s and mid to high 90’s humidity) which was a bit of an adjustment from back home. We spent much of our time looking for wildlife here which ranged from birds to mammals and everything in between.

We spent most of our first day trying to get our bearings and acclimatize, once that was done we set about trying to find some subjects for our cameras.

Geoffroy’s Tamarin

Hoffmann’s Two-toed Sloth

Sunset at the “ammo dump” ponds (explosives for use in the canal are stored near by)

An unknown frog that we found

A beautiful Cicada

I will add more photos from Gamboa tomorrow when I get around to sorting more of them out. I should be posting regular updates from my trip for the next week or so assuming I am not too busy.



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