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Earth Day

I had the following photo published in a series of photos to celebrate earth day 2009 at the Nature Concervatory of Canada. You can take a look at all the photos over on thier website.


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Lantzville Sunsets

Last weekend I went back to Lantzville to visit my parents and boy do I miss being that close to the beach. I know in Victoria I am only a few minutes from the beach but nothing beats just walking down the street to the ocean. At the beach near my parents place there is the remains of an old wharf which near seems to get old (subject wise, to me anyways) I find it is able to add that little bit of extra interest to a seascape that can really help the photo.




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Fall Road Trip: Day 1

Last weekend I went on a road trip with a good friend of mine up to Red mountain which is 5 minutes away from Rossland.

Day one

Got a very early start and caught the first ferry to Vancouver.

I was able to catch the sunset from the deck of the ferry.

Some from the road and a few stops along the way, there was some very nice fall colours.

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Spring Flowers

Well it looks like spring is starting to arrive. The trees are starting to get there leaves and flowers are starting to come out. There have even been a few sunny days. This spring I am hoping I will be able to get some pictures of the wild flowers. Last year I missed them due to finishing off school. Lets hope the timing works out better this year and I can find a location with some nice flowers. I am also hoping to try more “studio” style pictures of some of the flowers which I was inspired by Paul Omernik and his orchid pictures.

Spring Blossum

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Photographer Phriday: Rodolphe Simeon

Rodolphe Simeon

Rodolphe Simeon is an amazing photographer that I found on Flickr. I have always had an interest in photos of homeless people and the street life. His portraits from the street are simply amazing. He also does amazing portrait work but to me his “street” series stands out the most. Take a look at his street series and other work on his website and Flickr.

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