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The End of Summer (Unofficial)

For many people the labour day weekend normally marks the end of summer, the last weekend before people are heading back to school or work.  Although we have had some stunning weather this summer it seems that mother nature wanted to remind us that the summer is coming to an end and to get ready for the rain. On Friday night as the clouds where just binging to roll in for the weekend I went down to Dallas road near Beacon Hill park to take in the sunset.




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Summer Storms

After a very dry stretch we have finally got a bit of rain in Victoria.I went down to Clover point/Dallas road area to watch the sunset.




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The First Rain Storm

The pacific northwest winter is here, it has been raining for a week straight and very windy. Last weekend there was a brief gap in the rain so I thought I would head over to Beacon Hill park, by the time I got there some mean clouds where rolling back in and soon after it really started to rain. I sat in the rain for about an hour or so before I got really cold a decided it was time to go home. By the time I got home it was nice and sunny, figures. I did manage to get some great shots with some very dramatic clouds though!

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