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Lantzville Panorama

A few weekes ago while visiting my parents I was enjoying the sunset from the beach and the coulds where amazing. I love the deep red colours of the setting sun lighting the backs of the clouds.


The final dimentions of this where 1638×2558 pixels which is quite larget to say the least, and it is much better to look at this LARGE.

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The Moon

This photo is from a month or so ago but that I was meaning to post but had forgot about. I was originaly planing on shooting the full moon and the mountains but clouds rolled in just as the moon was comming up so I had to improvise which I think worked out pretty well.


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The First Rain Storm

The pacific northwest winter is here, it has been raining for a week straight and very windy. Last weekend there was a brief gap in the rain so I thought I would head over to Beacon Hill park, by the time I got there some mean clouds where rolling back in and soon after it really started to rain. I sat in the rain for about an hour or so before I got really cold a decided it was time to go home. By the time I got home it was nice and sunny, figures. I did manage to get some great shots with some very dramatic clouds though!

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