Observations of London

A few observations I have made the few days I have been in London so far.

  • Public transit is amazing
  • People that do drive, drive expensive super cars fast
  • BMW’s are EVERY WERE
  • Everyone wears suits
  • Woman dress very conservatively
  • Security is crazy
  • There are no or few garbage cans (security issue) you just throw garbage on the ground
  • People use there mobiles any were and every were
  • Drink and meal proportions are smaller
  • Candyhere is MUCH better
  • Coke here is much worse

2 thoughts on “Observations of London”

  1. If you are talking about within the city limits, the reason its only expensive fast cars is because of the congestion pricing. You have to pay to drive around London, and this prices out poor or even average wealth people.

    And the UK is totally BIG BROTHER. Be glad you’re over here in North America usually!

  2. Coke…cocaine?

    We need to hang out when you get back, I’m gone for the summer as of the 18th.


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