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Lantzville Sunsets

Last weekend I went back to Lantzville to visit my parents and boy do I miss being that close to the beach. I know in Victoria I am only a few minutes from the beach but nothing beats just walking down the street to the ocean. At the beach near my parents place there is the remains of an old wharf which near seems to get old (subject wise, to me anyways) I find it is able to add that little bit of extra interest to a seascape that can really help the photo.




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Cattle Point Sunset

A few weeks ago (I am behind on updating my blog) I was at cattle point to catch the sunset. I was at cattle point not to long ago for the sunrise which was also fantastic. This park is becoming one of my favorite spots in Victoria, it is great if you don’t have a huge amount of time and you want to catch a sunrise or sunset.



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