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Lantzville Panorama

A few weekes ago while visiting my parents I was enjoying the sunset from the beach and the coulds where amazing. I love the deep red colours of the setting sun lighting the backs of the clouds.


The final dimentions of this where 1638×2558 pixels which is quite larget to say the least, and it is much better to look at this LARGE.

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River Otters

River otters are quite abundant in and around Vancouver Island. Unlike sea otters they do come ashore when it is time to eat and sleep. Although it sounds like a river otter would spend all its time in a river you will find them in both marine and fresh water enviroments. You can quite often spot these otters around dusk as this is when they like to come out to feed.

River otters at Cattle Point in Victoria.




Otters can quite often collide with humans as they like to make their dens under decks or lounge around on rafts. This river otter in Lantzville on Vancouver Island is enjoying a meal on a raft on a calm summer night.


This romp (group) of otters is taking a short break from fishing to look around at French beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


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Earth Day

I had the following photo published in a series of photos to celebrate earth day 2009 at the Nature Concervatory of Canada. You can take a look at all the photos over on thier website.


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Spring Blooms

Looks like things are starting to thaw out on Vancovuer island as winter is making way for spring. We have been having some nice warm days which has promted the flowers to start to come out. Lets hope it stays this way.




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The Moon

This photo is from a month or so ago but that I was meaning to post but had forgot about. I was originaly planing on shooting the full moon and the mountains but clouds rolled in just as the moon was comming up so I had to improvise which I think worked out pretty well.


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