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December Storms

The past few days have been a wet and windy affair with heavy rain and winds. Yesterday I was fed up of being inside so I decided to brave the elements and go down to Cattle point. I have to say that there where not many other people out enjoying the weather other than a few people kite boarding I was alone.

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5 Great nature photography locations in Victoria

Victoria British Columbia is a wonderful place for photographers to get a sampling of the amazing natural beauty that Vancouver Island and BC has to offer. This list is in no way complete and is just a fraction of sights that Vancouver Island, BC and even Victoria has to offer.

Cattle Point


Cattle Point is a small park that has a panoramic view of the Olympic mountains across from Victoria. This park is popular due to its easy access and easy walking trails. Although this is a pretty tame park there is no shortage of good photo opportunities here. This is a great location to catch a sunrise from or if you are more interested in wildlife you can often spot river otters feeding in the evenings and of course you can often spot shore birds darting around the rocks.

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Swan Lake


The Swan Lake Christmas Hill nature sanctuary is a great place to take in some local wildlife while not having to leave the city. The lake and surrounding native plants make for an oasis that birds and subsequently other wildlife flocks too. Even if you are not into bird watching you can still enjoy the beautiful trails that circle this urban oasis.

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Clover Point


Clover Point is a popular location with tourists visiting the city of Victoria. This park offers a waterfront path near downtown that follows along the ocean front looking down onto a pebbled beach with the Olympic Mountains rising above the ocean in the distance. Along with being a great location to take in the sunset it is also another hot spot for shore birds and if you pay close attention often a seal or two.

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Esquimalt Lagoon


Esquimalt Lagoon is a great location for birds specially during migrations as many birds use this area as stop over before continuing on there journey. Although this location is most attractive to birders it also offers some decent spots for sunsets and other landscape shots.

Goldstream Provincial Park


Goldstream Provincial Park is not quite in Victoria but it is very close and has some of the best opportunities for photography in the area. During the late fall and early winter you can witness the salmon swimming up the river to spawn and with that the flocks of gulls and eagles. At any time of the year there are plenty of hiking trails ranging from easy to advanced which all offer glimpses into the Pacific North-West’s amazing ¬†ecosystem ranging from temperate coastal rainforest to rocky outcroppings and mountains.

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So are you saying these are the only good places to take photos in Victoria? Absolutely not, there are many more places and I am sure I will get around to writing about them but I wanted to keep this article somewhat short. Be sure to keep a look out for future articles exploring Victoria and beyond. If you do have your own personal favourites feel free to let me know, you can leave a comment or send me an email.

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Sunset at high tide

It has been raining here, a lot. Finally it managed to clear up for a little bit and I went for a walk down to Cattle point with the hopes of find some river otters to take photos of. I didn’t find any otters as it seems every one was out enjoying the brief pause in the rain. I am hoping the weather dries up a bit and I can find some otters soon!





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Winter Sunrise

Last weekend I managed to drag my self out of bed in time to take in the sunrise at Cattle point. I have shot sunrise here once before. This past week or so has made up for the terribly wet November we had with stunning sunshine, albeit very cold.



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Cattle Point Sunset

A few weeks ago (I am behind on updating my blog) I was at cattle point to catch the sunset. I was at cattle point not to long ago for the sunrise which was also fantastic. This park is becoming one of my favorite spots in Victoria, it is great if you don’t have a huge amount of time and you want to catch a sunrise or sunset.



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