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Two weeks ago Ashley and I made a trip up to Tofino to get away and give surfing a go. It is a long drive from Victoria but the weather was fantastic and surfing was great so it was well worth it. I wish I was able to stay longer than the weekend but that is always the case. On the way up we had to stop at Cameron lake to stretch our legs and take in the beautiful calm lake.


Arriving in the dark and getting up the next morning is always an interesting experience to see what your surroundings are like. After spending the morning learning to surf at Cox bay which was a very enjoyable experience we headed into Tofino to explore the town.




After enjoying the day in the sun we headed back to our hotel at Mackenzie beach where we went down to check out the beautiful sunset.




We left on Sunday morning and the weather had started to turn, was more of what I was expecting, gray and overcast. On the way home we stopped in at Cox bay again to check out the surfers.


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Marsh Wren

The past few weeks I have been watching this one (I think it is the same one) Marsh Wren (Cistothorus palustris) at Swan Lake. These little guys are normally quite teritorial and will defend thier nests built in reeds or cattails. It is not uncommon for them to have multiple nests built although normally only one is used.




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