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Road Trip Day 7

After a busy day the day before we decided to go check out the Miette Hot Springs. The hot springs are up a winding mountain road which was very beautiful and seemed to have a large population of big horn sheep.

After enjoying a relaxing time in the hot springs I decided to explore some of the trails near the town of Jasper. The trail I was on made it’s way up a steep hill with a great view of the town and surrounding mountains.

Stormy skies of the town of Jasper
Looking out from a cliff top, the town of Jasper is to the left.
One of the rivers that winds through the park near the Town of Jasper
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Road Trip Day 6

Today was my first real day in Jasper and I decided to make my way up Maligne Valley stopping off at a few places along the way. The first stop was the stunning Medicine lake, one of the larger lakes that is drained by a series of underground rivers.

After Exploring the area around the lake for awhile it was time to move on the the famous Maligne Lake, by the time the weather had clouded over a bit but it was still a beautiful lake even though it was busy.

On the way back I saw some Hoary Marmots and stopped to get some pictures, these where quite tame and didn’t seem to even notice me.

The last stop before getting back to camp was the Maligne canyon which I had visited before.

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Road Trip Day 1

I have not posted for a while due to the fact that I went on a 10 day road trip through BC and into Alberta. I have finally got a number of photos edited and I should be posting more each day.

I started my journey in Victoria and made my way toward Lac le Jeune to spend my first night. I have spent a few nights here before and have always been impressed with the wildlife that you are able to spot here specially birds. This time did not disappoint as I found a number of bird nests and was able get some great shots.

A female Mountain Bluebird
Male Mountain Bluebird
Northern Flicker
Camp for the night

Next stop is Wells Gray Provincial park which has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Canada and the world.

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Albert Head Lagoon

I have been spending a fair bit of time out at Albert Head Lagoon since I found a family of killdeers out there. I have been going back on a semi regular basis and little seems to have changed. Was out there again tonight and instead of just taking more shots of the killdeers I also did a few landscapes.

I also did take a few of the killdeers as well.

There has also been a family of ducks who are growing up fast, last time I saw them they where still little ducklings, mum is still keeping a lookout for them but they are much bigger now.

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Lighter side of nature photography

A humorous video spoof of a professional wildlife photographers time in the field.

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