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Summer Solstice

After what seems like a very wet spring “summer” is officially here. While it has warmed up it seems that things are still pretty wet. The solstice this week was a beautifully calm (and dry!) night and was a perfect opportunity to enjoy a nice fire down at the beach.

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Sunset at high tide

It has been raining here, a lot. Finally it managed to clear up for a little bit and I went for a walk down to Cattle point with the hopes of find some river otters to take photos of. I didn’t find any otters as it seems every one was out enjoying the brief pause in the rain. I am hoping the weather dries up a bit and I can find some otters soon!





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Esquimalt Lagoon Sunset

On Saturday evening I was down at Esquimalt Lagoon to take in the sunset since the past few days we have had some nice pink/purple skies. Initially it looked like it was going to be a fairly sedate sunset but then in the last 10 minutes of daylight it managed to turn a nice pink hue. I was really hoping to get some different angles but was very limited if  I wanted to include the sunset (I did), take what you can get I guess.





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Two weeks ago Ashley and I made a trip up to Tofino to get away and give surfing a go. It is a long drive from Victoria but the weather was fantastic and surfing was great so it was well worth it. I wish I was able to stay longer than the weekend but that is always the case. On the way up we had to stop at Cameron lake to stretch our legs and take in the beautiful calm lake.


Arriving in the dark and getting up the next morning is always an interesting experience to see what your surroundings are like. After spending the morning learning to surf at Cox bay which was a very enjoyable experience we headed into Tofino to explore the town.




After enjoying the day in the sun we headed back to our hotel at Mackenzie beach where we went down to check out the beautiful sunset.




We left on Sunday morning and the weather had started to turn, was more of what I was expecting, gray and overcast. On the way home we stopped in at Cox bay again to check out the surfers.


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Sandcut Beach

A few weeks ago I went out to Sandcut beach, I have never been here before but had driven past it quite a few times. Located between French Beach and Jordan River it is accessed by a short hike though old growth forest to a relatively unknown beach. The beach was amazing, it has a water fall that splits into 2 as it flows from a sandstone cliff to the beach bellow. I was lucky to have some amazing weather for mid January.

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