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Albert Head Lagoon

I have been spending a fair bit of time out at Albert Head Lagoon since I found a family of killdeers out there. I have been going back on a semi regular basis and little seems to have changed. Was out there again tonight and instead of just taking more shots of the killdeers I also did a few landscapes.

I also did take a few of the killdeers as well.

There has also been a family of ducks who are growing up fast, last time I saw them they where still little ducklings, mum is still keeping a lookout for them but they are much bigger now.

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Lighter side of nature photography

A humorous video spoof of a professional wildlife photographers time in the field.

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June Wallpaper

May was a very busy month for me, I am hoping to have more time for photography this month, as long as the weather improves that is.

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