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Snowy Owls

This past weekend I made my way over to Vancouver to check out the Snowy Owls that have been spending the winter in the area. It has always been a dream of mine to see snowy owls, but had been putting it off due to the large crowds that had been gathering but finally made the decision to brave them. Seeing the owls was amazing but the crowds where worse than I could have imagined. It was depressing to see people making their way past the signs that clearly said to not approach the owls in order to “get the shot”. Beside this I was glad to see the birds even if I didn’t get the photo I was hoping to get.

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February Snow Storm

With spring nearly here I was very surprised when I woke up lake last week to discovered it had snowed and was still snowing. For the most part this winter had been another mild one which was not predicted, I guess we are just getting a late winter.

Looking out over Victoria from the top of Mt. Tolmie

Storm clouds gather over a snowy scene at UVic

A Rufous-sided towhee at Swan Lake

While it was nice to see a bit of snow I think I am ready for some nice sunny spring weather.  Can’t wait for this snow to melt and move on to some nice spring activities.

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Road Trip Day 1

I have not posted for a while due to the fact that I went on a 10 day road trip through BC and into Alberta. I have finally got a number of photos edited and I should be posting more each day.

I started my journey in Victoria and made my way toward Lac le Jeune to spend my first night. I have spent a few nights here before and have always been impressed with the wildlife that you are able to spot here specially birds. This time did not disappoint as I found a number of bird nests and was able get some great shots.

A female Mountain Bluebird
Male Mountain Bluebird
Northern Flicker
Camp for the night

Next stop is Wells Gray Provincial park which has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Canada and the world.

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Albert Head Lagoon

I have been spending a fair bit of time out at Albert Head Lagoon since I found a family of killdeers out there. I have been going back on a semi regular basis and little seems to have changed. Was out there again tonight and instead of just taking more shots of the killdeers I also did a few landscapes.

I also did take a few of the killdeers as well.

There has also been a family of ducks who are growing up fast, last time I saw them they where still little ducklings, mum is still keeping a lookout for them but they are much bigger now.

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I have been exceptionally busy and I was out of town for the long weekend and weekend the weather was less than ideal but I still managed to get out for a bit to get some photos. This morning I made a trip over to Albert Head Lagoon looking for shore birds. While the tide was up and there was not much of the tidal flat exposed there where a number of Killdeers around, some of which where nesting. I spent the better part of the morning crawling around in the tidal flats chasing after these guys.

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