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Lighter side of nature photography

A humorous video spoof of a professional wildlife photographers time in the field.

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Wild BC

Today I have finally launched my latest project “Wild BC“. Wild BC is a project to document the natural beauty that is in British Columbia. Although BC is a very natural place there are still threats to this beautiful place. This site is meant to showcase theses beautiful areas and wildlife we have around us and make sure we protect it for generations to come. So go check it out, subscribe to the RSS and check back soon as I still have a lot more stuff to add. If you have any suggestions on areas etc send me a message.


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Earth Day

I had the following photo published in a series of photos to celebrate earth day 2009 at the Nature Concervatory of Canada. You can take a look at all the photos over on thier website.


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Mr. Squirrel

I saw this gray squirrel at Goldstream park last weekend and although he is a cute little guy, unfortunately he is an invasive species that are killing off the native red squirrels which are much smaller. Invasive plants and animals are becoming a huge problem in a lot of areas because they generally have little or no enemies and can be very hard to eliminate with out harming other species or the enviroment.

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