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Sandcut Beach again

This weekend I made the trip up to French Beach to visit my sister who was camping there for the weekend. Since she had not been to Sandcut beach before I decided to take her there even though the weather was less than ideal.

On the way down to the beach I noticed something odd in one of the swamps near the trail. After some closer inspection it turns out it was a bunch of Northwestern Salamander eggs.






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Winter Camping

I have not been updating nearly as often as I would like to be, been busy shooting and working on some projects. I went camping last month to French beach. Although it was cold and wet it was quite nice to get out.

The day I arrived the weather was quite pleasant for a change although that changed as the day progressed.



I was hoping for a nice colourful sunset but it was not exactly what I hoped for but I still managed to get some decent shots.



The following morning I was greeted with heavy rain and wind with some snow mixed in for good measure. On my way home the sun did manage to come out for a minute or two though.


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A Romp of Otters

Did you know a group of otters is called a romp? (thanks Jay) These are a romp of river otters at French Beach park on Vancouver Island last weekend. I managed to get about 4 frames before a boat scared them away.

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French Beach

Today I spent the day at French Beach. The weather was nice, it was even sunny for a little while. Now that I am living down in Victoria I am hoping I will be able to spend more time out on the west coast and at the amazing beaches.

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