Rockies Road Trip: Day 5

I awoke early this morning because it was so cold,  I had ice around my mouth and nose as well as my sleeping bag. After packing up camp as quickly as possible I went to to the river that ran through the campsite to shoot the sunrise. It was cold enough for the edges of the fast moving river to ice over!


On the plus side it was the first (and only) sunny day! Once the sun was out the temperature warmed to a more friendly temperature. After setting out from camp I stopped to view Peyto lake from the Bow Pass summit which was one of the more spectacular sights of the whole trip.


Peyto Lake

Bow Summit

There where lots of smaller lakes along the way that always make you want to stop, I stopped at most of them but not all because I was running out of time.


Next stop was the Athabasca glacier in the Columbia ice field, I had high hopes for this but could not help but feel a little let down. You could not really get to close to the glacier because of liability issues unless you hired a guide which I did not do.



After that it was time to head to Jasper for the night, of course I made a few stops on the way.

Looking back at the Columbia Ice field, the “snow dome”
Bellow Athabasca Falls

Tomorrow a bit of Jasper and then down a long drive to Banff.

2 thoughts on “Rockies Road Trip: Day 5”

  1. Wait a minute, haven’t you been home for a while? And did you cheat with those blue rocks? They’re unbelievably blue.

  2. I have been home for awhile, but only just getting around to organizing all my photos etc. The skies where very blue, the only clear day I had unfortunately. I see you meant the rocks, I assume you mean in the first photo, on my monitor they do not look that blue but they are bluish because of the time of day and the light that was hitting them, they are your standard gray rocks.

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