Rockies Road Trip: Day 6

I woke up to a brisk day but not nearly as cold as the previous night. Before heading down to Banff I made a trip to Maligne Canyon which is a little ways outside of Jasper.


After this it was time to make the long drive down to Banff, on the way the weather started to turn for the worse…


One of the things about the roads through the Rockies especially the Ice fields Highway is that even along the sides of the roads there are some breathtaking views and scenes. Here is an example of just one of the waterfalls along the highway.



Not to long after stopping here I saw my first real wildlife, bighorn sheep.



Tomorrow time to explore some of Banff!

1 thought on “Rockies Road Trip: Day 6”

  1. I really like the first picture. I was looking over what you posted here – – and it seems like you have a few really great photos that I did not see on your flickr stream. You should add the good ones in. What I said about adding lines to your shots seems actually more pronounced in a few of these. I think the one with the mountains and the sun also shows this –

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