Rockies Road Trip: Day 7

After spending a cold night in Banff I got up, cleared the snow from my tent and then made my way to Johnston Canyon. Johnston Canyon was one of the neatest places I visited, a fair amount of the trail was a catwalk that was suspended over the side of the canyon that made its way to 2 waterfalls.

The lower falls was interesting because you could go through a natural tunnel that allowed you to get a very nice view of the falls.


The upper falls was taller but you did not have nearly a good of view as you did with the lower falls.


After Johnston Canyon I made my way back to Banff for lunch and then I went to check out the “cave and basin” a national historic site that is the birth place of National parks in Canada. These natural hot springs are what first attracted people to Banff, although you can no longer go in these hot springs there are other hot springs you can go visit if you want to.

_dsc9290_webThe Cave
_dsc9298_webThe Basin

On the way back to camp for the night I spotted some white tail deer.


Tomorrow it is time to start heading home which will take me through my 5th national park on this trip and some of the worst weather yet!

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