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Lower Myra Falls

Last weekend I spent the long weekend in Strahcona Provincial park, one of my favourite places on the island. While Strathcona offers so many amazing locations but one of my favourite places is Lower Myra falls. It is a easy walk from the parking lot to a stunning series of cascades that make there way down to Buttle lake.

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Payzant Falls

A few weeks ago I was looking for some new locations that I could visit while stuck inside due to poor weather. One of the places I found was Pazant Falls on the Juan de Fuca trail near Port Renfrew. After putting it off for a number of weeks due to more poor weather I finally made the trip out to the falls with fellow photographer Daniel Byrne. The first challenge was actually finding the trail head which was not signed well at all (which seems typical for parks here). After finally finding the correct trail we set off in a light drizzle which slowly progressed into rain. The hike out was really nice once you accepted that you would be slogging through large puddles and deep mud. Once getting to the falls all of the difficulties finding the trail and then hiking it seemed more than worth while as we where greeted by a extremely tranquil location that is going on the short list for place I will make a return visit too.

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Ammonite Falls

Ammonite falls is one of those place that you can go to and each time you revisit it you are reminded how beautiful the area is. While in Nanaimo for the weekend I made another trip out to the falls and there was a lot of water coming over the falls do the the amount of rain and snow we have had in the past few weeks.

Although the falls are the main attraction the whole area is a fantastic place, when it gets a bit warmer I want to explore above and below the falls a bit more.

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Englishman River Falls

Over the holidays while visiting family up in the Nanaimo area I made a trip out to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park which is know for its spectacular upper falls. I have not been to this park in sometime and was a nice change of scenery. Due to snowfall and heavy rain the river was pretty high, but not as high as I was expecting.

Looking both up and down the falls, you can see the footbridge on the right that you cross.

Looking up the upper falls.

Although the lower falls are not as spectacular as the upper falls they are still something you don’t want to miss.

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Sooke Potholes

I have been meaning to explore the Sooke Potholes more, I remember going there as a kid when I was camping out at French Beach but since having moved to Victoria I have only made a brief stop or two. There are still a number of areas I want to check out and this last trip has made me want to do it sooner than later.

Dark water swirls through one of the canyons found in the park

A view of some of the potholes

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