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Road Trip Day 1

I have not posted for a while due to the fact that I went on a 10 day road trip through BC and into Alberta. I have finally got a number of photos edited and I should be posting more each day.

I started my journey in Victoria and made my way toward Lac le Jeune to spend my first night. I have spent a few nights here before and have always been impressed with the wildlife that you are able to spot here specially birds. This time did not disappoint as I found a number of bird nests and was able get some great shots.

A female Mountain Bluebird
Male Mountain Bluebird
Northern Flicker
Camp for the night

Next stop is Wells Gray Provincial park which has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Canada and the world.

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I have been exceptionally busy and I was out of town for the long weekend and weekend the weather was less than ideal but I still managed to get out for a bit to get some photos. This morning I made a trip over to Albert Head Lagoon looking for shore birds. While the tide was up and there was not much of the tidal flat exposed there where a number of Killdeers around, some of which where nesting. I spent the better part of the morning crawling around in the tidal flats chasing after these guys.

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An evening with a Heron

Last weekend I spent an evening watching the sun set at Esquimalt Lagoon. The sunset was nothing special but I did spend a good amount of time watching one of the many Great Blue Herons fishing for it’s dinner.

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Spring at Swan Lake

Today I stopped in at Swan Lake to see how spring was progressing. Progressing is the wrong word because it seems that spring is in full swing with many of the trees getting there leaves and even flowers! Along with all the new growth it seems like the bird population has swelled as the weather has warmed up.

A Bewick’s Wren (Thryomanes bewickii)



There where also a number of Ring-necked Ducks (Aythya collaris).



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Canadian Geese

This past weekend I was visiting Naniamo and spent a few hours enjoying the spring like weather down at Neck Point park. While I was there the tide was very low and a pair of Canadian Geese caught my eye on one of the little islands just off shore. Since the tide was low enough I was able to make it over fine, but on the way back I did get wet. The things you will do for a few photos!




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