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Last night there was a so called “supermoon“, a supermoon is when the moon is (slightly) closer to earth due to the shape of it’s orbit in conjunction with it being a full or new moon. While not totally uncommon this phenomenon only occurs about once every 14 months.

To take advantage of this I went down to Pipers Lagoon as I figured it would offer some of the best views in Nanaimo. It seems that a number of other people had the same idea and there where a number of other people and photographers who had the same idea.


The moon rises over horizon.


As the moon rose the tide receded leaving exposed rocks behind.


Once up the moon continued to dazzle


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This winter was a little strange, it was much drier than usual and strangely warm. What this did mean is it seemed like there was a number of days when everything was covered in a thick blanket of fog. This made for some unique opportunities to put a new spin on some locations I have visited in the past to get some new photos.







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Ammonite Falls

Ammonite falls is one of those place that you can go to and each time you revisit it you are reminded how beautiful the area is. While in Nanaimo for the weekend I made another trip out to the falls and there was a lot of water coming over the falls do the the amount of rain and snow we have had in the past few weeks.

Although the falls are the main attraction the whole area is a fantastic place, when it gets a bit warmer I want to explore above and below the falls a bit more.

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Ammonite Falls

Last weekend while I was in Nanaimo for the long weekend I hiked out to Ammonite Falls in Benson Creek Regional Park to take a look at the falls.  The last time I had been it was in the middle of summer and the falls was reduced to a trickle. This time was a bit of a different experience, with all the rain and snow in the mountains the creek and the falls was very big.


_DSC5164_webLooking downstream from below the falls.
_DSC5207_webA smaller water fall above the main falls

Although falls its self is protected by the Benson Creek Park much of the land around the park is being logged or developed. Walking the most popular route to the falls you will slowly have to pass by more and more signs of development and logging.

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Canadian Geese

This past weekend I was visiting Naniamo and spent a few hours enjoying the spring like weather down at Neck Point park. While I was there the tide was very low and a pair of Canadian Geese caught my eye on one of the little islands just off shore. Since the tide was low enough I was able to make it over fine, but on the way back I did get wet. The things you will do for a few photos!




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