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Fall is here

So after a bit of a wet summer it seems that autumn is here, days are getting noticeably shorter and the leaves are turning. This weekend I spent some time at Goldstream park trying to get some nice fall colours which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find here.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 9

After a cold and very windy night it was time to pack up my tent for the last time and make my way to Rossland to spend the night there. The night had dumped patches of fresh powder around but most of it was blowing around and drifting in patches along the way.



After being on the road for 2 out of the 8 hours for the day I decided to stop to get some photos down near a river. Bad idea. As I was walking down the river bank while carrying my camera I managed to fall down the bank first breaking my fall with my camera and then my head. Camera and lens held up very well and seem fine. My head on the other hand did not come out so well. I managed to get a good 3inch gash in my head which seemed to bleed a lot. This is why it is always good to carry a first ad kit! After patching my self up I got the shots I wanted and it was time to get back on the road.



After my incident was not feeling up to taking to many more photos so I drove to Rossland and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the hostel and recuperating. Next is the last leg to Vancouver, which was mostly driving.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 3

I got up this morning to a cold damp morning, it had rained overnight and a low cloud was moving in. I had a quick breakfast, packed up camp and started to drive towards Yoho National park. I passed through Rogers pass and was disappointed that  I could only see maybe 100 meters. I passed through Golden and then got into Kicking Horse campground which is just outside the small community of Field.

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Once I setup camp and had lunch I made my way out to Natural Bridge. Natural bridge is a very cool rock formation that arches over top of the river creating a “natural bridge”.

Just above Natural Bridge

After Natural Bridge I made my way up to Emerald lake.



After visiting Emerald lake I started to make my way back to camp. On my way back I stopped in at Field. It is strange to see communities in a park but there are a few of them and this was probably the smallest one I saw.


Water tower in Field

Outside of the campground and behind Field the Kicking Horse river spreads out into a large flood plane. I was really hoping to see some animals on these plains but never did see any.


Kicking Horse flood plain

Just past the campground there is a place to that you can view two rivers joining before flowing down to the Kicking Horse river. It was a neat place to visit and did not see another soul.


Joining Rivers


Icy River

Tomorrow its time to head over to Lake Louise!

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Fall Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3 was the end of the 3 day, 1800KM road trip. Once again up very early to get back to Vancouver to get the ferry back to Vancouver Island. On the way back the awesome weather we where having changed to the usual northwest autumn weather, cold and wet.

One of the Aussies we met at the hostel (there where quite a few) and they all had Chevy Astro vans. Phil decided to add some more flare to his van the day before.

With a 10 hour drive you soon start looking for thing to entertain your self.

The East gate into Manning park.

Back on the ferry back to Vancouver Island we got to see some very nice rainbows as we left Vancouver.

This is the end of the road trip. Overage it was a great and I got to see some amazing scenery and animals. I am hoping to make it up to Rossland/Red mountain in the winter to get some nice snow pictures.

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Fall Road Trip: Day 2

We had made to Rossland the previous afternnoon and spent the night at the Mountain Shadow hostel. I spent the morning hiking around Red mountain, looking around the ski resort and just enjoying the amazing autumn weather.

Although it was nice and sunny it did not mean it was nice and warm.

After lunch me and my friend Kyle walked up Red mountain, at the top of the T-bar we found an abandonded mine building which was very interesting to looke around.

The road into Rossland as seen from Red mountain.

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