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Winter Camping

When you tell someone you are going to go winter camping you tend to get a bit of a strange look in return. Winter camping while sounding daunting can make for a some stunning scenes if you are prepared for the conditions. A few weeks ago I headed up Mt. Becher in Strathcona Provincial park by first hiking past the old Wood Mountain Ski resort which is always a bit of a strange experience. This is a trip I have done before but this year mother nature really wanted to supply the real winter experience. The first 2 days consisted of heavy snow but we did get a very brief break in the weather which teased the views you can get.

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On the day we left we where rewarded with some better weather that allowed for some spectacular views of the Comox valley and the snow covered trees from the previous few days of snow.


Sleeping accommodations can vary, while the most obvious solution would be a tent with snow you can use it to make a shelter, in this case a snow cave which are surprisingly warm.

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The view from my tent was hard to complain about…


And the descent back home through a winter wonderland.  _D8C4607_web

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Strathcona Hiking

A few weeks ago I spent 4 days hiking in the stunning mountains located in Strathcona Provincial park. We first hiked in to Baby Bedwell lake to setup base camp. From here we would explore some of the surrounding areas including Mt. Tom Taylor. While the weather was not ideal we made the most of it and on the plus side it never rained!

The hike up to Baby Bedwell while steep was a very good trail which was easy to follow and provided some nice views of some streams.

Our first views of Baby Bedwell lake where far from the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains that people had been raving about…

It was far from summer at camp.

The following morning we started out on our attempt to summit Mt. Tom Taylor. The weather was much the same with limited visibility and we had some difficulty finding the trail but eventually we got going. While it was nearly August we still where dealing with winter conditions.

Once we got closer to the summit the clouds did break a few times to tease us with the views we missed on the way up.

The following day we had a bit of a break in the weather and decided to enjoy some of the views we missed the day before and explored Bedwell lake area.

Overall it was an amazing trip and I can not wait to get back into the mountains.

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Lower Myra Falls

Last weekend I spent the long weekend in Strahcona Provincial park, one of my favourite places on the island. While Strathcona offers so many amazing locations but one of my favourite places is Lower Myra falls. It is a easy walk from the parking lot to a stunning series of cascades that make there way down to Buttle lake.

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Mt. Washington

On Friday I decided to make a trip up to Mt. Washington alpine resort to get some winter pictures in Paradise meadows in Strathcona park. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and just a few clouds. I was surprised there was not more snow but the few feet they had was pretty fresh and very nice. I am hoping to get up a few more times to get more pictures later in the season.

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Trip report: Paradise meadows

Last week I spent the day hiking around Paradise Meadows in Strathcona park near Mt. Washington alpine resort. As I left it was very overcast and on the way up the mountain there was a thick blanket of fog. Luckily we were able to get above the clouds which made for a nice sunny autumn day. The weather was sunny and crisp and most of the plants were in varying shades of oranges, reds and yellows.

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