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I have been exceptionally busy and I was out of town for the long weekend and weekend the weather was less than ideal but I still managed to get out for a bit to get some photos. This morning I made a trip over to Albert Head Lagoon looking for shore birds. While the tide was up and there was not much of the tidal flat exposed there where a number of Killdeers around, some of which where nesting. I spent the better part of the morning crawling around in the tidal flats chasing after these guys.

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An evening with a Heron

Last weekend I spent an evening watching the sun set at Esquimalt Lagoon. The sunset was nothing special but I did spend a good amount of time watching one of the many Great Blue Herons fishing for it’s dinner.

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Spring Camping

Last weekend I got out for my first camping trip of 2010. I was up visiting in Nanaimo when I decided to go on an spur of the moment camping trip up to Little Qualicum Falls. I was a bit worried about the weather but it all worked out in the end with the rain starting as we drove away from the campground.

A few photos from the some of the falls near the campgrounds and surrounding areas.




Since it does get dark pretty early still I did some playing with long exposures and some alternative light sources. The following photo is looking up towards the skies, while the trees are illuminated by the camp fire.


Once it got darker it was time to play with headlamps and a flash.



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May Wallpaper

Once again a bit late but it is here now. I was out camping this weekend so never had time to post it yesterday.


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