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Ammonite Falls

Last weekend while I was in Nanaimo for the long weekend I hiked out to Ammonite Falls in Benson Creek Regional Park to take a look at the falls.  The last time I had been it was in the middle of summer and the falls was reduced to a trickle. This time was a bit of a different experience, with all the rain and snow in the mountains the creek and the falls was very big.


_DSC5164_webLooking downstream from below the falls.
_DSC5207_webA smaller water fall above the main falls

Although falls its self is protected by the Benson Creek Park much of the land around the park is being logged or developed. Walking the most popular route to the falls you will slowly have to pass by more and more signs of development and logging.

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Sandcut Beach Under Threat

Sandcut beach on the south-west of Vancouver Island has become one of my favourite beaches since discovering it last year after moving to Victoria. This is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited. I have made a number of trips to this beach in the past little while and hope to be able to continue to do this. Unfortunately the current owners of this property, Western Forest Products is looking to sell off 5,700 hectares along the Juan de Fuca straight near Jordan River which includes many of the popular surfing beaches as well as Sandcut beach. Right now local governments and private parties such as UBC and the land conservancy (TLC) are in negotiations to prevent the privatization and development of at least the waterfront portions of this land if not all of it. I can only hope that some kind of agreement is reached so not only Sandcut beach can be saved but this whole area which is simply stunning.


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Lantzville Foothills

I was back in Lantzville vising my parents and I went up to the Lantzville Foothills, I have always enjoyed it there, great scenery, lots of activities (hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing) but since it has been logged to put in a large housing development that claims to be “green”. Although this project is setting aside park lands most a lot of these areas are where they could not fit in a lot and they still logged and ruined many good hiking and bike trails. You can still find some nice trails but it is not the same and the view is not nearly as good as it was.

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