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Summer Lightning Storm

Well this weekend has had some interesting weather. On Saturday we had a pretty good lightning storm which is pretty rare here. I happened to be out at Clover point when it started so I was able to get a few photos. Who knew lighting is unpredictable and hard to shoot?


The sun setting shortly before the lighting started.



The following are a few attempts to catch the lighting that I still enjoyed even though the lightning did not cooperate.



It was quite an amazing sight to see, I am really glad I decided to try to get one more shot before I left or I would have missed the display. Just goes to show you that you can never stay too late.

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Summer Storms

After a very dry stretch we have finally got a bit of rain in Victoria.I went down to Clover point/Dallas road area to watch the sunset.




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The Fisherman

I was visiting my parents in Lantzville this weekend and spent time down at the beach when it was not pouring rain.

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More Storms

Well we seem to be done with the snow storms and now we are back to the usual wind/rain storms. It has been raining for the past 48 hours and added with the melting snow it has been flooding some areas. These photos where taken on Sunday from cattle point just as the rain started.

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Stormy Exit

I was back in Lantzville for the weekend, although it rained most of the time I did manage to make it out to Neck Point for a little bit.

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