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Stormy Days

I have not posted for awhile, mostly due to the terrible weather we have been having. It seems like it has been raining for the past 2 weeks straight. I did manage to get out for a little bit the other day and made my way to Finnerty Cove. This is a great little spot that is always a great place to get away from the crowds.


While I was there I saw a number of birds although I only got pictures of a hooded merganser.


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Rockies Road Trip: Day 10

Today is the last real leg of the trip, time to do the last long drive from Rossland to Vancouver. Since most of the day was spent driving I didn’t get too many photos. I did get some photos when I stopped for lunch though!

_DSC9512_webA yellow-pine Chipmunk (Tamias amoenus)

_DSC9529_webStellar Jay

Overall it was a great trip, the weather could have been better and I was really hoping to see more wildlife but what can you do. I will defiantly be  going back a different time of the year when I get a chance and if you have a chance to go to the area you should.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 9

After a cold and very windy night it was time to pack up my tent for the last time and make my way to Rossland to spend the night there. The night had dumped patches of fresh powder around but most of it was blowing around and drifting in patches along the way.



After being on the road for 2 out of the 8 hours for the day I decided to stop to get some photos down near a river. Bad idea. As I was walking down the river bank while carrying my camera I managed to fall down the bank first breaking my fall with my camera and then my head. Camera and lens held up very well and seem fine. My head on the other hand did not come out so well. I managed to get a good 3inch gash in my head which seemed to bleed a lot. This is why it is always good to carry a first ad kit! After patching my self up I got the shots I wanted and it was time to get back on the road.



After my incident was not feeling up to taking to many more photos so I drove to Rossland and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the hostel and recuperating. Next is the last leg to Vancouver, which was mostly driving.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 8

I got up and packed up my tent while it was snowing, today I would be heading from Banff to Radium hot springs.  I would be passing through Kootenay National Park which will be the 5th National park of my trip! My first stop in Kootenay national park was at the the continental divide between the Pacific watersheds, not nearly as exciting you would would expect.


After a short stop it was on to see the “paint pots”. The paint pots are a natural phenomenon where cold iron rich minerals bubble up through small pools staining the surrounding earth a deep ochre. Unfortunately these pots where mostly frozen over.


On the way into the paint pots there was a really nice swampy grass land which was pretty different after spending the past week or so in very mountainous terrain.


Next stop was the Radium hot springs which was very nice change from the freezing temperatures, out side the hot springs where was a herd of big horn sheep.


After relaxing in the hot springs it was time to make camp. Just as I finished setting up my tent at Dry Gultch provincial park the weather got scary. A blizzard quickly moved in with strong winds causing trees to blow down and visibility was reduced to under 10 feet, fun stuff!


Tomorrow time to head to Rossland before making the last leg of the trip to Vancouver.

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Rockies Road Trip: Day 7

After spending a cold night in Banff I got up, cleared the snow from my tent and then made my way to Johnston Canyon. Johnston Canyon was one of the neatest places I visited, a fair amount of the trail was a catwalk that was suspended over the side of the canyon that made its way to 2 waterfalls.

The lower falls was interesting because you could go through a natural tunnel that allowed you to get a very nice view of the falls.


The upper falls was taller but you did not have nearly a good of view as you did with the lower falls.


After Johnston Canyon I made my way back to Banff for lunch and then I went to check out the “cave and basin” a national historic site that is the birth place of National parks in Canada. These natural hot springs are what first attracted people to Banff, although you can no longer go in these hot springs there are other hot springs you can go visit if you want to.

_dsc9290_webThe Cave
_dsc9298_webThe Basin

On the way back to camp for the night I spotted some white tail deer.


Tomorrow it is time to start heading home which will take me through my 5th national park on this trip and some of the worst weather yet!

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