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Sandcut Beach Revisited

I first went to Sandcut Beach last year around the same time of year and have been wanting to go back ever since. This is an very beautiful location that does not get much traffic which makes it perfect to relax or in my case get some nice photos without any distractions.

I arrived to the beach shortly after sunrise and was welcomed by a tantalizing golden light that only lasted a few minutes.


After taking in the lovely sunrise I continued down to the twin falls that empty onto the beach from Sandcut Creek. When I was last here there was a pretty substantial channel through the sand and gravel that lead to the ocean but this has since disappeared. The falls now just dissipate into the porous gravel beach.




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Surfs up!

This weekend we had a short break in the usual west coast winter rain in place for some very welcome sunshine. I decided to make a trip out past Sooke and explore the area around Jordan River. Just outside of Jordan River I decided to go and investigate a nice looking beach and I ran into a small group of surfers enjoying the rare sunny day.





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The Moonwalking bird

This video is plain awesome, nature never ceases to amaze me. This is why documentation is always such an important and interesting thing to under take, researcher Kimberly Bostwick was in for quite an surprise when she discovered that the Cricket bird that is found in South America “moonwalks”.

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Wild BC

Today I have finally launched my latest project “Wild BC“. Wild BC is a project to document the natural beauty that is in British Columbia. Although BC is a very natural place there are still threats to this beautiful place. This site is meant to showcase theses beautiful areas and wildlife we have around us and make sure we protect it for generations to come. So go check it out, subscribe to the RSS and check back soon as I still have a lot more stuff to add. If you have any suggestions on areas etc send me a message.


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Sunset at high tide

It has been raining here, a lot. Finally it managed to clear up for a little bit and I went for a walk down to Cattle point with the hopes of find some river otters to take photos of. I didn’t find any otters as it seems every one was out enjoying the brief pause in the rain. I am hoping the weather dries up a bit and I can find some otters soon!





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